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Aeromedia Team

Welcome to the Aeromedia Team 

Below you'll find everyone who works hard behind the scenes to bring you quality image that you're viewing today.

Andy Crossley - Founder / Photographer

I've been around Aircraft from a young age, I've always loved airshows the noise the speed its ace. Since 1997 I've just been improving my thing and I'm still improving today, i don't think ill ever stop learning. The past few years I've travelled more into Europe to advance on my aircraft type and companies and now Aeromedia is the platform on which you can see them all. 

Brian Gore

Matt Lino

Malvin Jansen

Danny Nixon - Photographer

A professional photographer with over 6 years of experience in the Aviation Industry. With 5 years of experience in Photoshop and editing. Very passionate in the creation of outstanding Airliner images. Always looking for my next angle! Have worked with several companies in order to accomplish the desired shots for corporate and private sales alike. My edited workflow is tendered toward the client's specific needs and requirements per individual task.

Agota Simon

Bartosz Głasek

Franek Zakrzewski

Paul Chalmers

Robert Dumitrescu

Rui Sousa

Tom Ing

Jay Lee

George McDowell

Wojciech Zaręba

Gabriel Mora Aldama